Halloween Helpers has arrived!

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Copies of Kicker and Flinnder’s latest adventure are available now!

See how helping is just a way of life in the Golden Meadow. Young and old, friends help friends in big and small ways.

This is a light-hearted story where we meet the new character Lily the little brown bat. When she is unsure of what to be for Halloween, Kicker and Flinnder help her decide.

Each of the friends have managed to find costumes that fit their personalities perfectly. From Spike the dragonfly as a fighter jet and Terry the three-toad tree toad as a clown and Hawkeye the five-spotted hawkmoth as the famous English detective Hemlock Shores, our characters look fantastic in their costumes!

This story has considerably more verbiage than previous stories. Where our previous five books have targeted readers up to third grade, Halloween Helpers will prove a good read for fourth and fifth graders as well.

This is the first book illustrated by Matt Stinnett. Matt has stayed true to our beloved characters with a fresh new style. His illustrations practically jump off the pages.  Kicker and Flinnder are really enjoying working with him. They are already talking to him about their next adventure.

Matt and Ms. Meyer have discovered that they have much in common. As well as both being life-long Hoosiers, they share a Halloween birthday! They look forward to bringing a new adventure to you in spring of 2020!