Available Titles

book one cover with watermark

The Adventures Begin and Bully for Flinnder

          Book one was introduced in 2014. There are two separate stories in this book. Story one tells a bit of the metamorphoses of Kicker the frog and Flinnder the butterfly and how they meet. Story two is a “bullying” story where Kicker gets in a bit of bind with Spike the dragonfly and Flinnder diffuses the situation in her helpful, calming manner.


Turtles Cannot Climb Trees

Turtles Cannot Climb Trees

Book two was introduced in 2015. Shelbert the turtle and Terry the three-toed tree toad are introduced as new characters. This is a story about asking for help and working together.

book 3 cover with watermark

Flinnder’s Miracle

Book three was introduced in 2016. This story is all about Flinnder and her discovery of self-worth and dealing with loss.

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End Every Dream with a Smile

          Book four was introduced in 2017. Here we have story of Kicker and a wonderful day spent with his Mama. However, a stormy night leads to him having a bad dream. When he awakes, Mama soothes him with a lullaby.

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Hawkeye, the Five-Spotted Hawkmoth

          Book five was introduced in 2018. Kicker and Flinnder learn just how easy and important it is to welcome the stranger.