Meet the Author, Bonnie J Meyer


From the time she was a young girl, Bonnie wanted to be a writer. Story telling was a gift handed down from her father. All during her youth she dabbled in short stories, poetry and even play writing.

But, as an adult, writing had to wait while she raised two sons and ran a successful photography business for twenty years. 

Bonnie lives with her wife of twenty-five years and their three cats. Her wife, who is a native of Amsterdam, is credited with teaching her the Dutch words for frog and butterfly, which are “kikker” and “vlinder”.  Bonnie took some liberty in conforming them to the English language. They have two grown sons and five grandchildren, seventeen former foreign exchange students and a myriad of nieces and nephews. 

Karen Kmetz Bronowski is a long-time friend and fellow Hoosier. Karen’s skillful artwork brings to life Bonnie’s various characters. Their collaboration continued into book five, Hawkeye, the Five-Spotted Hawkmoth.