A visit to the island of Roatan, Honduras

Author Bonnie J Meyer has been leading mission teams from the Crown Point, IN, First United Methodist Church to the island of Roatan, Honduras every year since 2011. During her most recent trip, working on a new Methodist church in the town of West End, she introduced Kicker and Flinnder to a new friend, Richard from Texas.

First United Methodist Church 

Roatan, Honduras


Roatan photo

A Happy Reader

Kicker and Flinnder wish everyone a very good morning and happy day. They are so pleased with how well their new story is being received. Here are photos of their friend Gus being introduced to “Hawkeye, the Five-Spotted Hawkmoth” by his Grandma Jean.

Hawkeye the Five-Spotted Hawkmoth

Kicker and Flinnder would like you to meet their new friend Hawkeye the Five-spotted Hawkmoth. Hawkeye is from another country and he speaks a little different than Kicker and Flinnder. But Kicker and Flinnder find Hawkeye to be very likable. Soon you will be able to purchase the latest book in the series, “Hawkeye the Five-Spotted Hawkmoth”. Check back soon to order your copy.

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