The Adventures Begin

book one cover with watermark

“The Adventures Begin” and “Bully for Flinnder”, two stories in one book.

First, in “The Adventures Begin”,  we meet Kicker the frog. We see him go from tadpole to frog. Kicker is young, energetic, friendly, and a little rambunctious.

Next we meet Flinnder, a viceroy butterfly. We see her metamorphosis as she wonders what her future will hold.

Kicker and Flinnder meet by surprise and become fast friends.

“Bully for Flinnder” is a story of bullying, peacemaking, and keeping your cool.  Kicker’s rambunctiousness gets him into trouble with Spike, a rather crabby dragonfly. Although Kicker is apologetic, Spike’s anger is not assuaged.

Enter Flinnder, who diffuses the situation with her calming words and spirit.  Just about the time Kicker thinks all is well, in flies Barry beetle and bops him the head. But, Kicker realizes that anger is a wasted